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Appeasing Muslims/Islam will never make you safer, any brief respite from violence and intimidation will most certainly be followed by a flood of it.

burning europe

The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have shown that selling out Israel has not paid off, but in fact has portrayed Europe as a weak bloc willing to sacrifice allies in exchange for an illusory appeasement. Such weakness has made Europe even more vulnerable to terrorism. Without a change of a basic attitude, Europe will not be able to defeat terror.

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Luis Fleischman

Horrible attacks like those we saw in Belgium last month are likely to multiply, not just in Belgium, but throughout Europe.

ISIS is a determined monstrosity. The more they lose territory in Iraq and Syria, the more likely are they going to try to commit terrorist acts in Europe in order to inflict more pain and recruit more jihadists.

ISIS’ terrorists are not soldiers or conventional fighters in uniform. Nor are they terrorists that need to cross borders illegally in order to target their victims. Terrorists are mainly European citizens or residents moving in open borders, with easy access to their targets.

Furthermore, most terrorists hide among mass Muslim populations concentrated in specific neighborhoods. Muslim mass concentrations serve as shields and as convenient incubators for terrorist activities.

To a certain extent, this situation is similar to the one Israel has been facing for a long time. The Palestinian territories are where the terrorists come from and they find refuge among the population in order to have proximity to their target.

Most importantly in Europe, as in Israel, these are not freedom fighters seeking a specific objective, but nihilistic Islamist ideologues whose ultimate end goal is pain, destruction —and ideally, genocide.


Now, Europe will have to take the bitter step of having to ask the Israelis how to establish a system of surveillance and a network of informers in order to prevent and dismantle the terrorist acts in the early planning stages.

Worse, they will have to admit that they were wrong when they judged Israel’s treatment of terrorism or exaggerated the responsibility of Israeli policies for such terrorism.

Europeans have never been able to understand the fanatic and irrational magnitude of Palestinian or Islamic terrorism.

Even in light of multiple and generous Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, including a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, many European leaders have tried to show some understanding of the terrorist phenomenon.

NOTE: Europe’s rejection of the Enlightenment has led to disastrous policies culminating in the destruction of itself.

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