Global Warming


NOTE: Plus the undeniable fact that computer models have been NOTORIOUSLY wrong, in fact, a good buddy of mine who majored in the science, holding a Phd, said to me, “there is no computer model to date that can be relied on, since none exist.”

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  1. Global warming is just a scam. It is an excuse for strangers to take your money.

    The cost of electricity filters down to everything we buy. The price of frozen peas at the supermarket increases and we ask no questions. Where does the money go? Who gets this additional money we’re paying?

    If you look around, multi-national corporations are taking credit for being on the “cutting edge of technology to fight climate change”. We pay! They laugh all the way to the bank. The politicians, environmentalists, and news media tell us that we should feel good about it.

    I don’t have to argue whether the globe is warming. I merely need to point out that this is not a reason for strangers to take my money. I like to note that the money seized and spent on global warming carries no warranty that it will work. So here’s the scenario:

    If nobody takes my money and the polar ice cap melts, my house might be under 10 feet of water, but I have my money and I can move. If strangers take my money and the polar ice cap melts anyway, now my house is under 10 feet of water and I have no resources to relocate.

    So I continually ask: Where’s the warranty? Where’s the guarantee? If I buy a product, I get a guarantee that it will work.

    In the meantime, if you want to see a man-made environmental disaster in the making, keep an eye on Mosul Dam in Iraq.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC

    1. Thanks TINSC, once again, nothing but sound analysis and logic from you. It’s exactly as you say. The statist always insists on our blind acceptance of their terms.

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