This is like Ferdinand Franco’s intel chieftain warning European govs that Mussolini or Hitler has dangerous designs for the continent.

Thanks for the warning, but don’t expect me to feel all warm and fuzzy all over for you. Using today’s logic, the Allied forces during WWII would be championing Franco as a beacon of freedom, modernity and virtue.

Morocco spy chief warns ISIS are planning chemical attacks in Europe and claims to have smashed 25 plots in the past year

Abdelhak Khiame (right), Morocco's head of counter terrorism team, claims to have unearthed 25 ISIS plots in Morocco in the past year alone

Abdelhak Khiame (right), Morocco’s head of counter terrorism team, claims to have unearthed 25 ISIS plots in Morocco in the past year alone

  • Morocco’s counter terror boss warns of growing chemical weapons threat
  • Abdelhak Khiame also revealed the details of a plot uncovered in February
  • A cell of 10 ISIS operatives smuggled weapons into Morocco from Libya
  • The terrorists were planning mustard gas attacks on four different cities
  • Mr Khiame warned ISIS would be planning similar style attacks in Europe

ISIS terrorists have tried to create chemical weapons abroad and are hoping to one day use them to attack Europe, it has been claimed.

Abdelhak Khiame, Morocco’s head of counter terrorism, claims his unit has smashed 25 ISIS plots in his country in the past year alone – including one in February involving mustard gas.

The ISIS cell, which had smuggled in weapons from nearby Libya, was planning chemical attacks on four cities plus a suicide bomber strike.

He told The Sun: ‘It’s very possible that Daesh would use this process to target Britain and other EU countries.

‘It already has brigades of children and we know they train them in their camps looking to use them in terrorist attacks in Europe. As for chemical weapons, we have seen here how easy they are to prepare.

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3 Responses

  1. Of course ISIS is preparing a chemical attack in europe. ISIS not preparing a chemical attack against europe would be like Tuomioja supporting Israel.

  2. He is a islamophobe for bringing that up. They are simply practicing their religion of death.

    Racists for noticing! Speak out and get jail!

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