Anti-Islamization and anti-mass (irrational based) immigration…..

NOTE: Heinz-Christian Strache was recently in Israel, so lets hope this means a softening in relations between the two states, and strengthening of resolve against the Islamonazi regime of Iran.

Austria presidential election: Far-right Freedom Party ‘comes top in vote’

Norbert Hofer has run a pro-gun, anti-immigrant, anti-Europe campaign

Austria’s far-right, anti-immigrant party has come out comfortably on top in Austria’s presidential vote.

Early results released by the country’s election authorities appear to show the candidate of the right-wing Freedom Party taking 35 per cent of the vote, leaving his two establishment rivals with not much more than 10 per cent each.

Norbert Hofer has run on a pro-gun manifesto, carrying his Glock pistol with him on the campaign trail and declaring that the public arming themselves is a logical reaction to the influx of refugees as part of the pan-European crisis.

The initial results showed great voter dissatisfaction with Austria’s main political parties, and came as part of a wider trend of anti-establishment lurches across the continent.

Opinion polling prior to Sunday’s vote had put Alexander Van der Bellen, a radical environmentalist and himself the son of refugees, marginally ahead of Mr Hofer.

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  1. Trump of a different country. Lets see how many bleeding heart liberals come out against!

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