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I agree with Adm.James Lyons (ret.) 100%….

That said, I can only agree with the use of the term of ”Islamism” (or even ”radical Islam”), if it’s predicated in the understanding that what’s actually in question is post-hijra Islam 101 (basic fundamental Islam). As well as acknowledging that the verses from this latter Medina period as abrogating the former when Mohamed was a weak minority in Mecca.

As Andrew Bostom points out, Shariah supremacism with its hateful bellicosity and bigotry remains, regrettably, the predominant mindset of the world’s Muslims. He states, based on the latest available information, that 77 percent of Muslims from the five largest Sunni Muslim populations (Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria) and 83 percent of Shiite Iranians want Shariah as the law of the land. Further, 91 percent of liberated Iraqis and 90 percent of Afghan Muslims support Shariah.

Identifying the enemy

Jihadi acts of terror have their roots in Shariah law

Rooted in Islam Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
Rooted in Islam Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times more >
– – Thursday, March 31, 2016


President Obama’s cavalier attitude toward the Brussels terrorist bombing (a Benghazi bump in the road) — as well as his detachment from and “no-show” at last November’s Paris gathering of 41 world leaders showing their solidarity against the Islamic jihadi terrorist attacks — was an embarrassment for all Americans. His aloofness should not come as a surprise.

He understands better than most Americans that the plague of jihadi terrorism has its roots in Islam. It explains why he directed that all training manuals be purged of anything that linked Islam with terrorism. Furthermore, Mr. Obama’s deliberate obfuscation of the scriptures of Islam, as found in the Koran and Shariah law, which drives jihadi acts of terrorism, has facilitated the spread of Islam and its supremacist ideology. It has aided and abetted the enemy.

Clearly, that’s why Mr. Obama replaced the “Global War on Terror” with terms like “countering violent extremism” and “workplace violence.” It confuses the American public on the rationale derived from the Koran, Shariah law and the hadiths that drive jihadists to commit these acts of terrorism. The Islamic jihadists have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the core canonical beliefs of Islam as written in the suras (chapters) of the Koran. It certainly is not for a lack of job or education opportunities, which is part of the progressives’ nonsense propaganda.

Using the term “radical Islam” to describe the jihadi terrorism implies that there is some “moderate form of Islam.” Regrettably, that is not the case, nor have these jihadists hijacked Islam. The Islamic leader of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who supports the establishment of a worldwide caliphate, has repeatedly rejected allied attempts to portray Turkey as an example of “moderate Islam.” He states that “there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam. Democracy is the train we ride to achieve our ultimate objective, which is a world dominated by Islam.” According to the Koran, it is an obligation for all Muslims to conduct jihad against all infidels.

More here. H/T: Andy Bostom

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