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The Winds Appear to Have Shifted In Ted Cruz’s Favor

By Erick Erickson  |  April 29, 2016, 05:00am

[UPDATE:] Governor Mike Pence is endorsing Ted Cruz, further steering the conversation in Cruz’s direction.

There were several events yesterday that suggest to me the winds have shifted in Ted Cruz’s favor since he named Carly Fiorina his running mate.

First, John Boehner had a complete and utter meltdown about Ted Cruz yesterday. He referred to Cruz as both an S.O.B. and Lucifer. Then Peter King, the noxious congressman from New York, came out and declared Cruz worse than the devil. He was followed up by former senator Judd Gregg who declared he would rather have Trump than Cruz, even though he is a Kasich guy.

The fact that the Washington Establishment is now coming out so forcefully against Ted Cruz suggests they know Indiana is trending in Cruz’s direction. In fact, more polling out of Indiana suggests just that. Cruz had been behind and the latest polling has the race tied.

Second, late yesterday a flood of stories from the usual stenographers of the Washington Republican Establishment have declared “resignation” and “acceptance” that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. These stories all take the position that everyone should stop trying to stop Trump. They read not so much defeatist as suppressive. The Republicans in Washington are hoping the major outside groups trying to stop Trump will suddenly turn off the spigot in Indiana.

Third, the Drudge Report has doubled down on ignorning Cruz while boosting any and all stories making the case that the race is over. Drudge has become the front page into the world of Trump and the fact he is so zealously now trying to ignore Cruz suggests the Trump team needs to suppress Cruz at all costs.

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