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Green Party politician ‘invited bin Laden’s mentor to Malmö’

Green Party politician 'invited bin Laden's mentor to Malmö'

Salman al-Ouda. Photo: Emad Alhusayni

Published: 28 Apr 2016 07:57 GMT+02:00

The junior coalition partners recent woes continued when newspaper Sydsvenskan revealed that Kamal al-Rifai had asked a well-known Saudi Salafist, Salman al-Ouda, to give a speech in Sweden’s third largest city.

Al-Rifai, an active party member in Burlöv and a Syrian Association board member, previously told Sydsvenskan he admired the 60-year-old al-Ouda, who has renounced his earlier support for violent jihadism. “Everyone loves him,” said al-Rifai, who has invited al-Ouda to speak in Malmö’s central Folkets Park this Saturday.

But al-Ouda remains faithful to views that are deeply patriarchal and conservative, and has expressed an array of anti-Semitic view, the newspaper reports.

“It’s not possible to be linked to these kinds of extreme values while also being active in the Green Party,” the party’s chairman in Skåne, Fredrik Hanell, told the TT newswire.

Al-Rifai released a statement announcing his move away form politics:

“I realize now that my comments about Salman al-Ouda represent me alone and nobody else. I have not been particularly active in the party of late but will in any case take a time-out to consider my future in the party.”

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  1. Some Greens people often mean well , many of them are just ‘anti’ everything because they’re not happy with themselves when it boils down to it.

    But basically , in every country – from New Zealand to Sweden, they show themselves to be idiotic , ineffectual ideologues with unattainable utopian dreams.

    1. I agree, there are other personal things at work for these people to behave the way they do

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