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Then “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”……

Pathetically moronic, and they don’t even see it though it stares at them in the light of day. When the axe head drops they won’t ever see it coming.

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Muslim ‘girls only’ swimming sessions ripple Danish waters

Muslim ‘girls only’ swimming sessions ripple Danish waters

File photo: Scanpix DK

Published: 27 Apr 2016 15:09 GMT+02:00

While the swimming club has hailed the move as a “recipe for integration”, politicians and commentators have criticised the concept as being against Danish values.

The girl-only sessions, which also take place with windows and doors to the swimming hall blacked out, were set up in response to religious and cultural requirements put forward by parents, reports Berlingske.

The newspaper reports that 246 girls of non-Danish ethnic origin between the ages of five and 12 have begun attending swimming lessons at the hall since the sessions were introduced.

“We have gone from zero to several hundred girls in three years, and have successfully established a swimming option for a specific group, which would otherwise find swimming difficult to access because of religion,” Lars Sørensen, the director of Hovedstadens Svømmeklub (HSK), told Berlingske.

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