Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


After a fait accompli the government wants us to mix in with the Muslim settlers (many of whom are fraud refugees by definition) and smile a lot. 

Not only are we having to pay for this crap we are now having our noses rubbed into it.

Project started to promote for good relations with the population 

published 21/04/2016

The Ministry of Justice has launched a project which aims to promote good relations between different groups of the population in localities with a population of asylum seekers.

The so-called. Trust project will be implemented in seven locations. This is a pilot project, which aims to develop a variety of models to increase local interaction, strengthen the sense of security and to promote the participation and the emergence of positive attitudes. Included in the reception centers are located in Huittinen, Lieksa, Grass Lake, Oulu, Raasepori, Tampere and Tornio.

This spring, a project to train reception centers for asylum seekers, staff and volunteers, as well as municipal staff. on the basis of training programs to create a model training courses, which will be able to take advantage of the other players.

Training for asylum seekers is implemented in the language itself together, particularly among young people of immigrant working MONIK ry.

Since the autumn of local development projects

After this training period the Trust project to identify pilot locations in attitudes between population groups and to launch development projects in cooperation with local actors.

The three-year project, the Ministry of Justice co-operation partners of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Interior, Immigration Service and the Finnish Red Cross.

For more information:
. Katrina Nousiainen, Senior Officer, tel: 02951 50275, and
. Project Coordinator Mia Luhtasaari, tel: 02951 50130

In-Justice Ministry

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