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These temporary politicians, bureaucrats and judges are contemptible.

Finland suspends asylum seeker returns to Hungary following higher court ruling

The Finnish Immigration Service has suspended its practice of deporting asylum seekers to Hungary following a ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court overturning the return of an Afghan man to the country. The Court said that the deportation would jeopardise the man’s human rights.Turvapaikanhakijoita ruokajonossa Presevossa, Serbiassa 16. maaliskuuta.

Asylum seekers queue for a meal in Presevo, Serbia. Image: Djordje Savic / EPA

Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court recently ruled that returning an Afghan asylum seeker to Hungary was problematic because of the country’s asylum procedures.

The court declared that deporting asylum seekers via Serbia threatened the fundamental rights of people seeking international protection. As a result of the Court’s decision the Finnish Immigration Service has suspended asylum seeker returns to Hungary.

The Afghan asylum seeker had come to Finland by way of Hungary and Serbia. The Supreme Administrative Court deemed that there is a risk that the man would be deported from Hungary to Serbia and from there to Afghanistan without having any authorities assess his asylum application or his need for international protection. Hungary is the only EU country that considers Serbia to be safe for asylum seekers and returns them there.

The Court determined that there are major problems with Hungary’s asylum procedures. It pointed to large numbers of asylum applications, difficulties in providing legal guidance and other problems facing asylum seekers in Hungary. It said that these factors made it impossible to be clear if the man’s return to Serbia and other third countries would be stopped or deferred.

The Court said that the fact that the man could appeal a deportation decision to the European Court of Human Rights did not offer him any protection from being returned to Serbia.

No deportations to Greece and Hungary

The man first sought international protection in Hungary. As a result the Finnish Immigration Service did not investigate his application but decided to deport him to Hungary in December 2014.

The Helsinki Administrative Court upheld the immigration agency’s decision, but the higher court’s move to overturn the previous ruling now means that the officials must consider the man’s application.

Head of the immigration agency’s asylum seeker unit Esko Repo said that the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling has set a national precedent. He noted that in addition to Greece, Hungary has now become the second EU country to which Finland will not deport asylum seekers.

Repo said that the agency’s management team will now review the court decision and will not make any further decisions to send asylum seekers back to Hungary.

The Court said that there would be reason to re-evaluate deportations to Hungary if the country changes its policy of returns to Serbia. A decision by the European Court of Human Rights may also change the current situation.

Minister: Hungary violating EU laws

Petteri Orpo
Interior Minister Petteri Orpo. Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Following the ruling, Interior Minister Petteri Orpo sharply criticised Hungary’s practice of deporting asylum seekers to Serbia. He accused the country of violating common European laws.

“It’s intolerable that somewhere in the European Union there is a country where this kind of human rights situation can exist, where returns based on the Dublin Treaty cannot be made,” Orpo commented during a meeting of EU Interior Ministers in Luxembourg.

The Dublin Regulation states that if an asylum seeker applies for asylum in an EU country, he cannot apply for it again elsewhere. The purpose of the rule is to reduce asylum “shoppoing” from country to country.

Orpo said that he would raise the matter with his peers. Finland is not the only EU member state that will not return asylum seekers to Hungary – neighbouring Sweden has also terminated the practice.

“This is an EU matter, member countries should uphold common regulations and also respect human rights agreements if these basic matters are to work,” Orpo declared.

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    As the waves of Muslim “migrants” wash across Europe and the United Kingdom, waves of Marxist empowered, criminal, violent, invasive, predatory and parasitic Muslim and African filth now lapping at the shores of North America and Australia, all of us and all of them understand, or should be made to understand, one thing and one thing only. That this madness will end in one of two ways; one, the utter annihilation of Western civilization or two, the blistering opposition to this invasion by Europeans arming themselves, rising and driving the Middle Easterners and Africans back to their homes.


    Now, as detailed in the link above, the Muslims and Africans are again flexing their muscles and testing the limits and patience of the Europeans. So far there has been no response of any efficacy or substance to the acts of intrusion and violence and as such, that lack of response has empowered and emboldened this Middle Eastern/African effluence to exponentially increase their demands and violence.

    I marvel at the utter stupidity of millions of people who wither and cringe at the very thought of providing an effective opposition to those Muslims who now invade their countries, cities and towns. These same “civilized and enlightened” people watch as their women and children are raped and murdered, these same people now cower and tremble in their living rooms while mobs of Muslim filth rampage in the streets, these same people scarcely whimper as precious resources are liquidated for the convenience and disposal of Muslim mobs, these same people watch as their law enforcement agencies make public statements that they are completely impotent and must abandon those who they have been appointed to protect, these same people listen as their politicians and judiciary blame the victims for the crimes committed by third-world animals, these same people watch as everything they hold dear, centuries in the making, is gleefully smeared with the excremental filth of Islam, and while all of that and so much more unfolds before their very eyes, they are mute, trembling, whimpering silence in the face of this treason, treachery and murderous anarchy is their only response. Yet remarkably, laughably, when a realist points out the obvious, when a lucid, rational and historically coherent realist points out the inevitable course of action that must be taken to stop the madness unfolding across the civilized world, these realists are condemned, by these same masochistic, self-loathing, suicidal White-Guilters, as “violent”, “extremist”, “right wing” and guilty of “inciting violence”.

    So ask yourselves a few uncomfortable questions.
    If the next boat of “migrants” that left Turkish shores provoked a military response from European countries that saw airstrikes on numerous cities like Istanbul and Antalya, obliterating mosques, government buildings and sites of historical significance, would this or would this not stem the flow of effluence from the Middle East and Africa?.

    If European patriots sabotaged government naval/coast guard vessels sinking the boats at their moorings and then went out in private vessels out to confront the “migrants” with weapons and explosives would this not send a clear message? During this confrontation migrant boats would be rammed and sunk with rubber rafts shot full of wholes. There would be a policy of leaving the migrants, women, children or otherwise to drown. This would result in a death-toll in the 1000’s. Would this, or would this not, through word of mouth and Marxist media spreading like wildfire, stem the flow of effluence from the Middle East and Africa?.

    If Muslim owned businesses, mosques, Muslim gathering/social centers and schools were torched would this not send a message to the invasive, violent Muslim?

    If all Muslim No-Go-Zones were attacked with dozens of Muslim dwellings set ablaze in the middle of the night, understanding the carnage that would result, would that action not send a very clear message and contribute to stemming the flow of effluence from the Middle East and Africa?

    If Muslims wearing weaponized clothing like hijabs, niqabs, dishdashas, Salafist beards and Islamic skullcaps, were simply assassinated on the streets, in schools, in businesses or public areas, assassinated in the 1000’s, would these actions not send a very clear message and contribute to stemming the flow of effluence from the Middle East and Africa?

    If Muslims gathering on European streets, blocking those streets or not, while engaging in public prayer, are attacked and killed in the hundreds, with no mercy shown for the wounded or dying, would these actions not send a very clear message and contribute to stemming the flow of effluence from the Middle East and Africa?

    I could continue to pose questions like the ones above but we all know the answers to these questions. Yet in spite of knowing full well what must be done, we ignore our responsibilities, we ignore reality in the hopes that this madness will somehow all magically fix itself one day.

    The reality is that this will not fix itself and unless we rise in our own defence, and rise soon, we will be complete slaves to Muslim filth or we will be dead. As to which, the Muslim is not particular.

    The acts of blocking borders and harassing Greeks and Europeans with requests for identification are clearly acts of war. The response to these acts of war must be a response that leave the aggressors largely dead with those that remain alive fleeing back across the ocean for their very lives.

    The thought of hundreds and thousands of rotting corpses of men, women and children floating in the ocean while sharks dine to their hearts content is an unpleasant one at best. But this is war.

    The thought of Muslims trapped in their burning residences and buildings is an unpleasant one at best. But this is war.

    The thought of Muslims walking down European streets and being assassinated in the thousands is an unpleasant one at best. But this is war.

    The thought of rounding up hundreds of thousands, or millions of Muslims, stripping them of all assets, cataloguing them, loading them on ships and, upon pain of death for non-cooperation, sending them back to the Middle East and Africa is an unpleasant one at best. But this is war.

    Or perhaps, bridled and blistered, made uncomfortable by my interrogatory, you have a better idea?

    Perhaps you prefer, as opposed to the images of war above, to see your families, your loved ones and your countrymen raped, robbed, savaged and slaughtered en masse by Muslim and African filth. Would the annihilation of your own kind and the entirety of the Western world be more to your liking? Would your loved ones found dead at the hands of third-world animals assuage your grotesque White-Guilt?

    These are the choices that must be made in the face of what is clearly a campaign of war being conducted to annihilate the West.

    As you do or do not resolve to make these choices I want you to never, ever, ever forget the Marxist media personalities, politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary and law enforcement whose cowardice and political sentiments are responsible for much of what we are currently face. Never let this treason fade away. Ever.

    Like I suggested earlier, perhaps you are bridled and blistered, made uncomfortable by my interrogatory and speculations and as such you have a better idea?

    Well, don’t keep silent, open your mouth and enlighten us all as to the mechanisms you would employ to halt the madness unfolding across Europe and the world at the hands of the Muslim.

    Well, I’m waiting……….I’m still waiting………..

    I thought so.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action

    Ronson Fleister
    Vienna, Austria

  2. Food for thought indeed.

    But the drastic measures proposed will never be implemented.

    I wonder whether it is already too late for western Europe and Scandinavia?.

    Let’s not forget that it is the people who elect a political party to govern.

    So in the final analysis you get the government you deserve.

    The problem of mass illegal Muslim immigration is solvable but right now there is little stomach for the kind of action required to deal with it.

    Whether that will change is an open question.

    Ronson Fleister is so right about the moral vacuum and self-loathing of the left that is the only explanation for this slow motion train wreck unfolding before our eyes.

    As he said . . food for thought, catalyst for action.

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