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Yes, between Islamic supremacists/ignoramuses (Leftist lackeys) and supporters of classical liberalism who know a totalitarian ideology when they see one.


I view the Islamic scarf (and various kefiyyas) in the exact same way I do Nazi and Commie symbols.


“When will there be a sharia day? Stoning? Slavery?’ tweets Jewish philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy as students encouraged to don Muslim head-covering”

‘Hijab Day’ at Paris university divides opinion

April 20, 2016
In 2011, France became the first European country to prohibit the full-face Islamic veil in public places
In 2011, France became the first European country to prohibit the full-face Islamic veil in public places (AFP Photo/Miguel Medina

Paris (AFP) – Students at an elite Paris university sparked fierce debate Wednesday by inviting classmates to wear the Muslim veil for a day in a bid to “demystify” a practice that is highly divisive in France.

Students at Sciences Po urged women to take part in Hijab Day “if you too think all women should have the right to dress as they wish and have their choice respected”.

France is grappling with rising Islamophobia after a wave of terror attacks by jihadists, and the students’ Facebook page said that those agreeing to put on the veil would “experience the stigmatisation experienced by veiled women in France”.

A dozen students handed out flyers at the university by a table covered in colourful headscarves with a sign reading: “France got 99 problems but Hijab ain’t one”, adapted from a hit by US rapper Jay Z.

“It is to raise awareness, open the debate and give the floor to women who are often debated on in public but rarely heard,” said Laetitia, one of the organisers.

Another student, Imen, said she wore a veil for the first time Wednesday morning on the metro and felt “stares” in her direction.

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  1. Yes. See it like a swastika.. It covers up a lot of beating bruises

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