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This is called a legislative tyranny, democratic despotism…..no regard for the voter, complete contempt for the civil society that it’s continually at war with…..

German Chancellor Schmerkel’s acceptance of a law being used to punish a satirist who made fun of the Turkish authoritarian is yet another example of the elites’ lurch to french kissing the Turks.

Horror as Turkish is made an ‘official EU language’ before ANY voters support membership

TURKISH is to become an official language of the European Union, as the Islamic nation draws closer to being admitted as a fully-fledged EU member.

By Marco Giannangeli Whitehall Editor EXCLUSIVE

Turkey EU membership Turkish languageGETTY

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is horrified at the move

Not a single voter from the EU’s 28 member states – which have a total population of 508 million – has yet to vote in favour of Turkish membership.

But MEPs voted 375 – 133 to back the initiative by President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, who asked the Dutch EU Presidency to add Turkish to the bloc’s 24 official languages in order to boost attempts to reach a reunification agreement on the Mediterranean island.

The move, expected to add £25m to the EU’s annual budget, has infuriated critics who last night said it was further proof that Turkey’s accession to the EU was “all but guaranteed”.

They said that, although the European Commission would have to ratify the decision, earlier indicators were that dual pressures of Cyprus and Turkish accession would ensure it would be approved.

More here.

NOTE: The move to accept the Turks into the union is all but apparent…

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