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First of all, leftists are regressives, pre-enlightenment throwbacks.

The more Muslims distance themselves from Post-Hijra Islam (the violent/intolerant Medina portion that supersedes/abrogates the former) the more likely they’ll exhibit some golden rule characteristics. But it does nothing to negate that which they distance themselves from. Therein lies the dilemma, the conundrum…..the poison pill of Islam

Muslims are more progressive than Tories and the Church on issues such as a gay rights, insists Warsi as she hits out at claims some do not integrate into British life

Sayeeda Warsi hit out at claims that Muslims are failing to integrate into British life and attacked a former equalities chief who said many Muslims ‘do not accept the behaviours that make Britain what it is’.

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  1. Warsi is obviously mentally ill and therefore should be disqualified from holding any public office, elected or not. Perhaps a frontal lobotomy would help her, but most likely it would be redundant.

  2. Can’t remember killing anyone for leaving my religion….

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