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SD win in court – Lund municipality broke the law

Sweden Democrat Ted Ekeroth  (Party member, Chairman of sd in lund and second vice chairman for district south) was right – Lund municipality broke the law when politicians decided to use the buildings for unaccompanied refugees without waiting for a building permit. It has administrative court concluded.
SD win in court - Lund municipality broke the law

During the autumn when there came many unaccompanied refugee children to Sweden.

Therefore the Lund City Council in October decided to urge the municipal councils to take the premises into use for unaccompanied refugee children – before planning permission was granted . SD protested, but all the other nine parties in the city council was behind the decision.

But SD gave not up. The decision was appealed by Ted Ekeroth (SD), who argued that the council had no right to put themselves above the law. “According to the Administrative Court’s opinion, the city council’s decision to ask the committees to take the premises into use without waiting for a building permit contrary to the provisions of the Planning and Building Act. The decision is thus in violation of the law and must be set aside,” reads the Administrative Court’s ruling.

Ted Ekeroth means that the Court’s answer was expected.

– The City Council can not change Swedish law Hux Flux, but it is Parliament that does it, he says.

Now SD thinks to  act on.

– We want to look at all of the lodgings that have been planned and opened everywhere. Is this legal or should it be stopped? And so we want to look at who has committed misconduct and what other crimes committed in connection with this, he says.

More here is Swedish.


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