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A total fruitloop, nothing can penetrate the thick empty skull of hers.

Problem is, academia is loaded with such factually challenged mediocrity that, even if she were to be removed or simply moves on, another imbecile will take her position.

Fact: Muslims, especially young men, are a symbol of sexual assault because for example Groping is very real.

There is nothing nice to talk to and I am not defending these men also. But you have to analyze the causes. The social order in many Islamic countries is strictly patriarchal. Men and women are strictly separated. There are no ways to deal to learn together. This is sex to a huge problem, because the subject is also an absolute taboo, except in marriage.

Fact: Islamic texts teach the follower that women are less smart than men, more likely to cause men to go astray by sexual enticements, need more than one woman to bring witness against a man, and the husband has complete authority over her, can command her to drop her shorts for rape whenever he feels the urge, if she refuses, he can beat her.

Facts rather than fears: “There must be many more mosques visible and built”

Verena Klemm (59) is a professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Leipzig – and now demands that Muslims are allowed to wear their faith more into the public eye. Only in this way could succeed integration and parallel worlds can be prevented, she says.Verena Klemm is the editor of the anthology “Muslims in Saxony”, which has just been published.

Verena Klemm, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leipzig

Leipzig . For integration, both sides need to be open: Muslims and Germans.That says Verena Klemm, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leipzig. And she asks: The Saxon Mosques should be visible. Together with colleagues and students, she now presents the book “Muslims in Saxony” – for the first time facts and insights are presented in Islamic life in Saxony.

The book can be understood as a response to the hate slogans of Pegida, Legida & Co. Why it is urgently necessary?

The ignorance about Muslims and Islam is simply enormous. We want to educate and represent a minority – a tiny minority, which accounts for just 0.5 percent of the population in Saxony. Muslims are often unified, considered a threat or enemy. But Muslims are not a homogeneous group. And: Most Muslims in Saxony are connected in many ways with the company. Where there are also individuals who are moving on the edge or outside. This is essentially a group of Salafists who have a mosque in Leipzig – they are far from being an example for Muslims in Saxony, and are rejected by them.

More here.

NOTE: We know lots and lots about Islam, knowing all too well it’s entirely irrelevant that some individual Muslims, or even communities behave in ways like the non-Islamic host society. It does nothing to change the key core tenets of Islam itself. The more Islamic, sharia compliant the Muslim and beachhead (mosque) become, the more likely they’ll be preaching jihad ideology.

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