Christian anti-Semitism


Apparently these Catholic boys haven’t gotten the memo that the Catholic Church has renounced the ancient deicide charge used traditionally against the Jews for anti-Semitic reasons.

This underlines the point that Jew hatred and bigotry in general can never truly ever be done away with, each generation has the responsibility to teach the next.

NOTE: Though off colored, the Jewish school’s chant was the factual one, the Catholic run school is an all boys school, while it was actually the occupying Italians who beat, whipped and nailed Jesus to the cross and stuck a spear into his side.

Fans of Catholic Memorial School cheer at a game with Newton North High School in suburban Boston on March 11, 2016. During the basketball game, CMS fans chanted, 'You killed Jesus,' at the predominantly Jewish high school. (Screen Capture: Nate Weitzer/Twitter)

Catholic high school students chanted, “You killed Jesus” at a basketball game against a predominantly Jewish high school in a Boston suburb on Friday night.

During the playoff contest between Catholic Memorial School and the public Newton North High School, fans of the latter began shouting, “Sausage fest!” at the opposing team, an off-color reference to the fact that CMS is an all-boys institution.

In response, the Catholic fans repeated, “You killed Jesus, you killed Jesus,” spectators at the event said.

The Catholic fans’ cheer was a reference to Jewish deicide, the charge that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.

“We are appalled at the behavior of some fans during Friday night’s game and are deeply concerned about why they thought this chant was appropriate at a high school basketball game,” Robert O. Trestan, director of the Anti-Defamation League’s New England Region, said in a statement.

“Hate speech has no place in the stands of any sporting event,” Trestan said.

The Catholic school’s principal, Peter Folan, told The Washington Posthe was “deeply disturbed” by the chant.

“CM faculty and staff acted immediately to stop the behavior. Administrators from both schools and representatives from the MIAA discussed the incident. At the conclusion of the game, CM students were reprimanded and each student personally apologized to the Principal of Newton North High School and shook his hand before leaving the arena,” Folan said.

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  1. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. The Bible is clear; the Jews demanded the death of Jesus. You don’t have a real problem with the church but with the Bible and since God is eternal, you simply lose against God. The Bible is clear, sorry, I don’t care about man’s arguments!

    1. And the Romans (Italian government) put him to death. It’s been used a means to persecute Jews throughout the centuries.

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