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Just another sick example of personal views/sensibilities trumping medical science.


(stock photo of a ‘patient burka’ but you get THE picture)

This is like the swimming pool jihad, hygiene is of little concern for those wanting to where clothes in the pool, and they’ll use all the muscle they can get to bend the staff to appeasing their demands.I am assuming that it’s standard ‘operating’ procedures to suspend someone who is (in this case falsely) charged with discrimination, and the good news is that this woman has left the hospital. The bad news is, she’ll just pop up somewhere else.

Writing in a blog post on a Czech website, he added: ‘If the medics in a developed country are afraid to draw attention to threats to patient safety because of accusations of racism, then it is an example of the absurdity of multiculturalism.’

A source last night told The Sun: ‘Dr Rogozov won’t tolerate anything that puts patients at risk. It has nothing to do with the medics being Muslims. It’s his fear they let their beliefs come before the patients.’

Consultant is suspended by hospital after confronting surgeon who planned to operate in her hijab despite it being against safety regulations

  • Dr Vladislav Rogozov confronted Muslim surgeon over her headscarf
  • She was planning on wearing it during operation – breaching strict rules
  • Complaint was then raised against Dr Rogozov and he was suspended
  • Hospital probe eventually concluded he was right to ask woman to change
  • Do you know the surgeon? Call 0203 615 1265 or email lucy.crossley@mailonline.co.uk 

Dr Vladislav Rogozov (pictured) claimed that a Muslim surgeon walked out of an operation because she was asked to remove her religious headscarf

Dr Vladislav Rogozov (pictured) claimed that a Muslim surgeon walked out of an operation because she was asked to remove her religious headscarf

A hospital has suspended a consultant after he claimed that a Muslim surgeon walked out of an operation because she was asked to remove her religious headscarf.

Dr Vladislav Rogozov, 46, claimed in an online blog that he confronted her before the surgery when he realised she planned to wear the Islamic hijab which was against safety regulations.

But the unnamed surgeon refused, walking out of the operation and forcing staff at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital to find a replacement.

She later accused Czech-born Dr Rogozov, who has worked in Britain for ten years, of racial discrimination.

After a hospital investigation supported the consultant in his enforcement of the dress code, the Muslim surgeon left the hospital.

Religious headscarfs are ‘excluded in areas such as theatre, where they could present a health and cross-infection hazard’, according to the strict dress code.

At the time, the incident was not made public.

But Dr Rogozov, a consultant anaesthetist, was suspended last month for revealing details of the incident, which happened in 2013, as well as other surgeons’ more recent behaviour in an interview with an Internet blog.

He said: ‘I came into the operating room, where I met the surgeon, a woman shrouded in a Muslim headscarf. I immediately stopped the operation of the hall and asked her to put down her scarf and replace it with the prescribed headgear.

‘After a long discussion held with respect, decency and factual arguments, the surgeon refused and left the operating room. We managed to subsequently find another surgeon who performed the operation.

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  1. islam, that’s right – lower case i (more than it deserves, trumps reason at every turn. Never mind traditions or norms. It is shoved (stuffed) down our mental throats like the French make their famous foie gras. There has not been a single day since 9/11 that I haven’t mentally retched over this constant forced feeding of spoiled rotten political-so-called-religious faux food

  2. The most funny thing is: He wrote about it two years ago. So, what is the deal now?

  3. Britain will soon leave the EU and declare itself an Islamic state.

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