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No, Ted Cruz did not blame Trump for the outbreak of violence, but for the culture of his campaign that could create an environment for something like this to even take place.

”……responsibility lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands” ( incident), but in any campaign the responsibility starts at the top, any candidate is responsible for culture of campaign”. (environment)

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  1. HEY TUNDRA!!!!


    Maybe you can give this some coverage.


    These Muslims, packing guns, turn a funeral into a shooting gallery.

    The idiot RCMP, Cpl Sharon Franks, in regards to the shooting, can be quoted as saying..

    ……“They were there to mourn a friend, a family member,” Franks said. “This is one of those things that’s hard to understand.”

    These Muslims and the graveyard are directly connected to “Muslims of Calgary”, a violent and extreme group of Muslims in Alberta who have a well established track record of advocating violence and hatred toward non-Muslims.

    And in response to this shooting not a peep from the Premier of Alberta or the mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, himself a Muslim. Even the bloody Calgary chief of police hasn’t said a word.

    Absolutely incredible!!!!!

    Jim Sankston

  2. The truth is the politically correct want you to have their opinion, not your opinion.
    We should not tolerate the intolerant.

    I can’t wait till they clash with islam. The cowards have no spine.

  3. You lead simply confirms that Cruz is in fact blaming Trump. And ignores the fact that ALL disruptions at his events have been caused by Leftists, and that Trump supporters have never disrupted other candidates’ events.

    1. No Patrick, your reading into what you want to see/believe. Cruz emphatically blamed the violence on the demonstrators in no uncertain terms. The culture Trump has created at his events is another thing altogether, which I find disgusting. Ronald Reagan would never have behaved so, neither Cruz.

      1. The left has been using these tactics for a long time. It doesn’t matter which Republican. Remember the film which fantasized about killing Bush? Remember the Obama, “I want you to get in their face” comment? How about the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philly? No prosecutions on that one.
        The left has been attempting to cause violence (or death) at various Republican conventions of late. Melissa Click looking for muscle?

        Is this all a spontaneous outpouring of anger from the left? No way. just admitted they were behind what happened at the Trump rally in Chicago, where a Trump supporter was murdered. Murdered. This is organized leftist violence. It’s a violent attack on political opponents. Should the Republicans just let that stand? How many conservatives are going to support a pacifist message in the face of organized leftist violence.

  4. The Establishment (Cruz, Rubio, Kasich) and Establishment Media has Incited a climate of violence against Donald Trump

    1. Total bullcrap. Ted Cruz is as loathed by the establishment as Ronald Reagan was. Ted Cruz was the only senator to call the majority leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the senate floor, and consistently take the fight to the RINOS. You can have your pick of candidate, but you can’t reinvent history, not on this site at least.

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