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He’s outraged, outraged I tell you!

And of course, the supporter of multiculturalism for you, not for him, is ‘outraged’ that the journalist at Avpixlat, Björn Norström, would dare call him out on it. This is the mindset of the cultural/ruling elite, they dictate and we live with what they throw at us.

Shame on you Expressen Niklas Svensson!

Björn Norström

CHRONICLE In Sweden, it is more or less impossible to enter into a civilized discussion with politicians and journalists, with very few exceptions. Expressen’s Niklas Svensson is no exception, but recently it confirmed what many of us already know about the politically correct elite – that they are extreme hypocrites who can not stand to be questioned.

Avpixlat reported recently that Expressen’s Niklas Svensson on Twitter noted that his daughter can no longer go to the bathhouse because of the widespread and structural sexual harassment, which is exercised by immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa and is based in these cultures vile women.

Given that Smith works for Expressen, a hatsajt actively advocating this type of multicultural development in Sweden, Svensson ought reasonably to send his daughter to the multicultural baths with joy. If multiculturalism is good enough for a “normal” Smith family it should of course be reasonably even good enough for the elite and Expressen’s Niklas Svensson family.

Since Svensson been a faithful follower of me on Twitter and in addition gratefully received tips from me how he can protect themselves from fake Twitter accounts show up in his name I thought he had some kind of honor and integrity.

For obvious reasons, I tweeted to Svensson and questioned his obvious prejudices, xenophobia and racism, which he expresses in his tweet. Smith, however, was not keen on being questioned or that his hypocritical came to the surface. Integrity and honor turned out not to belong to his character traits and strong side, to say the least. His response to me was an immediate Twitter block.

Furthermore, I contacted also Expressen’s managing editor Thomas Mattsson and asked whether it is appropriate to have Smith as an employee given that he clearly has prejudices about immigrants and exhibit racism and xenophobia, and therefore can not possibly share Expressen values. Mattsson course chose not to answer my question.

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sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

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