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You would think that they would have been handed ‘freedom medals’ by the king.

Yeah, and the entire Swedish government, bureaucracy and supportive political parties of the mass migration of Muslims to Sweden should be hauled before a judge, convicted and sentenced to long years with hard labor.

Couple convicted for helping Syrian refugees to Sweden

Couple convicted for helping Syrian refugees to Sweden

Refugees, not connected to the story, arriving in Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Published: 11 Mar 2016 16:54 GMT+01:00

Both Sweden and Denmark have cracked down on a record number of cases of alleged people smuggling since the Nordic countries’ refugee influx reached its peak. In the last four months of 2015, 17 people were found guilty of human trafficking in Sweden.

On Friday a court in the Danish town of Nykobing ordered Lisbeth Zornig, a high-profile figure who has formerly served as Denmark’s ombudsman for children’s rights, and her journalist husband each to pay a fine of 22,500 kroner ($3,350) for having aided migrants.

Zornig had picked up the Syrian family in Rodbyhavn – a port through which many migrants passed to Sweden and Denmark from Germany, before the Scandinavian countries reinstated border controls – and drove them to Copenhagen. The court heard the family had been on their way to Sweden.

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  1. I don’t understand how driving from Rodby to Copenhagen is smuggling because Rodby is in Denmark.Driving to Sweden is also not smuggling.Lisa is certainly not a smuggler she a very decent and kind woman.What the hell is going on in Europe?

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