More precisely, syphoning funds from agencies keeping a watchful eye on the Islamic community…..

Yeah, but they spare no expense with fraud refugees, going into hock with the taxpayer funding the bill, while their own government refuses its chief responsibility, safe guarding the civil society from all harm.

Senior NCP MP says Finland falling behind in anti-terrorism funding

Senior National Coalition Party MP Ilkka Kanerva has called on the government to develop legislation and to step up intelligence cooperation to combat the threat of terrorism. Kanerva told Yle that Finland lags behind its Nordic peers in funding for anti-terrorism programmes.

Ilkka Kanerva ja Pekka Haavisto.
Ilkka Kanerva and Pekka Haavisto on Yle’s Aamu-tv Thursday. Image: Yle

National Coalition Party MP Ilkka Kanerva told Yle’s Aamu-tv programme that Finland’s anti-terrorism resources don’t measure up to the level of other Nordic countries.

“We have maybe a quarter of the resources compared to other Nordic countries,” Kanerva declared.

Kanerva, who is also the chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, said that Finland also needs to review its current body of legislation.

“Intelligence cooperation is inevitable. We can’t be the only country that only asks where we are going,” Kanerva noted.

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