Islam In Europe


It’s what we’ve been warning about, what Fjordman warned about and smeared for supposedly supporting violence.

The same jackasses who smeared us then, are noticeably silent now, as mainstream voices are finally picking up where we have always been, way ahead of the bell curve.

Could this lead to WAR in Europe? Apocalyptic, yes. But even if conflict can be avoided, MAX HASTINGS says unchecked mass migration will make Europe unrecognisable

Mass migration could lead to war in Europe writes MAX HASTINGS

As stresses of mass migration in Europe build, a Washington think-tank claims that an army of 450,000 men are needed to stop the seismic turbulence in the Middle East, writes Max Hastings. The earthquakes shaking the Middle East, together with the scale of economic migration from Africa, could undo all our comfortable assumptions about the stability of the society in which we live, including our confidence that Europe has turned its back on war for ever.

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  1. Stop the money they get. In the Philippines, there are zero here. No handouts. Then no noisy grackles

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