Global Warming Marxism


Screw these people……

This is a crony capitalism/marxist redistribution scheme which will enrich the few while the rest are hampered with even more regulations and bureaucrats to oversee it all tagged with prosecutorial powers.

How a Green Climate Change Fund Would Transfer the Wealth of Nations

President Obama meets with corporate executives Oct. 19 at a White House roundtable on climate change. (Photo: Aude Guerrucci ABACA/Newscom)

Delegates from around the world will meet in Paris in December to negotiate an international climate treaty with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Some countries will push a “green” agenda to increase use of energy resources such as wind and solar, and decrease the use of more affordable, reliable, and efficient energy from coal, oil, and natural gas.

But there’s another clear agenda for most of the developing countries attending the Paris Protocol. And it involves a different kind of green.

Climate negotiations leading up to the Paris conference called for a Green Climate Fund that would collect $100 billion per year by 2020. The goal of this fund: to subsidize green energy and pay for other climate adaptation and mitigation programs in poorer nations—and to get buy-in (literally) from those poorer nations for the final Paris agreement.

More here. H/T: Warren Raymond

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