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  1. They don’t feel like real people do… They just have rage…
    Its like shooting a mad dog. They are better off. Now they are moderate.

  2. According to the Times of Israel account, the victim first removed the knife from his own neck.

  3. //www.aish.com/jw/me/Muslim-Cleric-Calls-to-Stab-Jews.html video of preacher in a Gaza mosque holding up different knives and explaining how to hurt people with them.

    the rabbinic precept that, as articulated by Maimonides, says: “Every Jew is obligated to save a pursued person from his pursuer, even if this means killing the pursuer.” A “pursuer,” in the rabbinic context, is someone who is a threat to someone’s life. If you see a mugger with a knife running after someone in the street, for example, he is a rodef and it is your duty, if you can carry it out without risk to your own life, to stop him in any way you can — even by shooting him with the gun you are carrying.

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