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I can see why a growing number of Israeli Jews want to divest themselves from the Arabs once and for all.

Transfering the relatives of these Islamonazis to Gaza would be an excellent measure, or starting point. Then make it whole villages.

2nd Terror Attack near Kiryat Arba

 By: Jewish Press News Briefs
Attack nar Kiryat Arba - March 14, 2016
Attack nar Kiryat Arba – March 14, 2016
Photo Credit: Hatzalah Yo”sh

While the IDF was still cleaning up after the first terror attack near Kiryat Arab this morning, a second Arab driver tried to ram into the soldiers at the Elias junction around 7:15 AM, just a half hour later.

The car came from Highway 60 and hit an IDF officer’s car. The terrorist has been shot and killed.

The officer was lightly wounded in this attack, in addition to the soldier wounded earlier.

The northern entrance to Kiryat Arba is currently closed to traffic.


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