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Will be interesting to see if it ever gets lifted and placed in a museum like the Swede’s Vasa ship.

Centuries-old frigate discovered in Gulf of Finland

The Finnish Maritime Administration MKL has confirmed that a wreck found in the Gulf of Finland is a 300 year-old war ship that once belonged to the West Frisian Admiralty, part of modern-day Netherlands. Divers reported that the vessel is in sound condition.

Tykki fregatin kannella.
Initil findings indicate that the vessel is very well-preserved and the wooden structure is in surprisingly sound condition. All of the canons were in their original positions on the gun deck. Image: Kari Hyttinen / SubZone

The Finnish Maritime Administration confirmed the identity of 300 year-old frigate Huis te Warmelo on Monday. The vessel, which was found at a depth of 64 metres near Helsinki, was once part of the Dutch navy, more specifically a region known at the time as West Frisia. The ship was identified on the basis of hull dimensions, location, structure and its canon fire power.

Divers reported that the vessel was extremely well-preserved and that the wooden structures were in surprisingly good condition, since all of the canons were still located on the gun deck.

The ship was a member of the West Frisian Admiralty or navy and had been built in Medemblik, a port town in the West Frisia region of modern-day Netherlands.

No other frigate from the latter part of the Dutch golden age has been found in such sound condition. The Huis te Warmelo apparently ran aground in the shallows off Helsinki before quickly sinking to the sea bottom.

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