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She’s asking exactly what the SD’s Kent Ekeroth asked in the Swedish parliament and they hated him for it.

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“Some tens of ISIS fighters have returned to Finland. Where are these people?”

LKS 20160301 6131; Iraqi shiite fighters from the Popular Mobilisation units take a position on March 1, 2016, near the city of Samarra, during an operation Aimed at retaking areas from the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group. An Iraqi army colonel said That more than 7,000 security personnel would take part in the operation, Which the Operations Command said aims to retake the areas west of the city of Samarra. / AFP / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE - Lehtikuva / AFP


In Parliament, we wondered what in Islamic State soldiers in Finland, are  doing.

  • LKS 20141127 Coalition Party MP Jaana Pelkonen plenary session in Helsinki on 27 November 2014. The plenary session discussed amending the Marriage Act gender neutral marriage law. background to this discussion is the legislative changes requiring a citizens' initiative. Lehtikuva / RONI REKOMAA
    Jaana Pelkonen.

MPs addressed the plenary session on the Iraq-educational co-operation report. In the debate was National Coalition’s (Kok) Jaana Pelkonen who raised the schooled, security risk assessment, rules of engagement and guest fighters from different countries.

– Dozens of people have left Finland to fight in the ranks of ISIL which in itself is an already quite incomprehensible thing. A few dozen have been returned to Finland , Jaana Pelkonen said.

– It is also incomprehensible thing that those who actually leave voluntarily from Finland to fight in the ranks ISIL can to return to Finland. Where are these persons at the moment? And what is the penalty for this?

Talked about it also, inter alia, was the SPP’s Stefan Wallin, and the Center Party’s  Mikko Savola . Wallin said that it is a terrorist organization that is capable of atrocities, which is rarely seen.

More here in Finnish

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  1. In Australia these potential jihadists are having their passports confiscated every day at Australian airports when they try to leave for jihad.

    If they do return they will invariably be prosecuted by the courts and jailed.

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