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All she could do to get them out of her shop was to cuss them out.


Foreigners harass lingerie shop – entrepreneur now carries defensive spray

Raahe entrepreneur, Pia Bergström, carries defensive spray in her handbag. Foreign men frightened her, and the situation seemed threatening.

Siro Staying in Raahe
I live in Raahe kind Siro entrepreneur Pia Bergström had to hätistelemään ulkomalaaismiesten a set off its motion. Photo: Pia Bergström

A foreign group of men in Raahe, frightened Siro Asu Oy (Inc.) entrepreneur, Pia Bergström. The men intruded into the business selling underwear for men and women, pushing lingerie on the floor.

The situation was  according to the entrepreneur serious, to the extent that she called in the police. The police arrived on the scene but the group of men had had time to leave the shop.

– Now  I carry legal defensive spray in my purse. I live in uncomfortable zone, says Bergström.

Had to bring the issue up

The incident occurred in the Siro attire shop at the end of last year.

– It’s why I’m telling this until now because I wanted to bring the issue up. That this can not be allowed to go on, says Bergström.

Bergström has not made an incident report of the crime. Instead, she has been in contact with the Regional State Administrative Agency and Ruukki reception center.

–  My imagination is so lively that I’ve been thinking about readied escape routes, if something similar still happens.

Välikohtaus sattui Siro Asussa jo viime vuoden lopussa.

Sound expelled the trouble makers

Pia Bergström says that none of the intruding men had touched her. In her opinion, however, the situation was threatening.

– I drove the men out loudly with all the swearwords I could muster, the entrepreneur says.

The exact cause for the behavior of men Bergström she didn’t know, but she doubts a that the men were provoked by showcase of underwear.

The incident was first told the Raahe Region Journal.


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  1. Sell chain saws. Keep the demo gassed and oiled. I am sure a demonstration would help them get their minds right. Hire white supremacist groups as salesmen to demonstrate. A couple of large redneck types at the door covered with tattoos will assist.
    Its satire, guys.

  2. If I saw these muzzies pointing their backside to the heavens in the UK I would make sure I kicked them really, really hard between the legs – that would probabaly upset their prayer time no end. How dare ignorant, backwards and dirty, filthy scum like this try to impose their archaic religious doctrines on an innocent shop keeper. Filthy scum… they should be imprisoned for harassing the shop keeper.

  3. Is that top photograph for real? If so I nearly spit out my coffee in laughter.
    Actually what the image really shows is the rug sniffers have their heads buried in the crotch parts of used/soiled lingerie. The owner tossed a few out on the sidewalk like scraps of meat to lure the sex hounds out of her shop so she could call the cops. Great diversionary tactic if I ever saw one.

    1. Hi Zub, yeah the top pic is real, though not from the incident. The lower pic is the actual photo of the shop in question.

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