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MInd you, waiters/waitresses have a hard enough time making ends meet as it is, as well as slim profit margins for management.

Likely scenario, after having been ripped off by either the people in question or others like them, the waitresses/management would do what common sense dictates in an unwanted situation, they forced them to pay ahead of time, like you do at a McDonald’s, or as I have done in regular restaurants when i’m in a hurry and don’t want to wait around for the check after i’m done eating.

Two waitresses fined, pay 3,000 euros in damages for discrimination

Two waitresses who were found guilty of discrimination against six Roma customers at a Turku eatery last year were fined and ordered to pay the victims a total of 3,000 euros by a Southwest Finland District Court judge on Monday.

Image: YLE

Finland’s Southwest District Court handed down fines of several hundred euros and ordered two waitresses to pay the victims a total of 3,000 euros in damages for an incident of discrimination which took place a year ago in a Turku restaurant.

One day in March of 2015, six Roma entered the restaurant to eat a meal. But unlike the other diners at the establishment, the waitresses demanded that the Roma customers pay for their food in advance.

The court heard testimony that the waitresses told the customers it was restaurant policy to have Roma pay beforehand, but later the pair refuted they said that.

Directed by management, not owner

The court found the two waitresses guilty of discrimination on the basis of nationality or ethnic origin and handed down fines of 320 and 220 euros respectively.

The two were also ordered to pay the six customers a total of 3,000 euros in damages.

The owner of the restaurant was not found to be responsible and was acquitted in the case.

In its decision, the court said that the waitresses had been directed by management to treat Roma in a discriminating way, but it was mainly the restaurant’s manager who issued such orders.

Because he was not involved in the day-to-day operations of the eatery, and did not directly work with staff, the owner was cleared of the charges.


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  1. The waitress’ pay for the meal if its a dine and dash. So they starve. Is a victory for insanity, I mean liberals.

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