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The Left is always against religion, except when it can further destroy the existing societal order, then it’s all in, full steam ahead.

The Leftist Helsinki City Council is rushing to promote the building of an Islamic beachhead (mosque). One lone voice spells out exactly what needs to be said in rejection of such an idea.

Mika Ebeling: “Gullibility is not sufficient as a basis for decision-making”

Red-Green councilors initiative for a great mosque being hurriedly implemented in Helsinki

helsinki city councillors

There was a lot of naive gullibility, which expressly refused considering what kind of Finland is being built in the long term. In fact, I used the following on the council floor.

Mr Chairman,  city councilors,

I do not support the rushing of Grand Mosque in Helsinki. I agree with every person’s freedom of religion and the Muslims should have the right to practice their religion, but there are significant reasons why the Grand Mosque project should not be supported.

Some years ago I took part in an Oulu Religious Dialogue event. We visited the Islamic Society of Northern Finland as guests.

The spiritual leader told us about the common features of Islam and Christianity. His request was that they would receive full freedom of action because there was so much common ground.

I said on that occasion that any Christian can convert to Islam without fear in Finland and asked, “Are you ready to support reciprocity: That also in Muslim countries, Muslims wishing to convert to Christianity could do so without fear?”

He answered in length and in a roundabout way, but in the end came with the answer: “No!” He was not ready to support the mutual freedom of religion.

Worrying is that the deprivation of religious freedom seems to follow some of the many asylum seekers. Thus, an asylum seeker who converted from Islam to Christianity is in danger of being subjected to physical violence in Finland.

Islam is an Arabic word which means submission and obedience, that is, the complete surrender upon the guidance of God. This is not a long way from oppressing another to stay in the Islamic faith.

Open Doors is an organization which charts Christians facing persecution in various countries. 01/14/2016 According to a press release on the top ten list was North Korea, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iran and Libya.

With the exception of North Korea, these countries have a main religion in common. It is clear that this submission and oppression of religion, is a key element to the fact of the persecution of Christians in these countries. When you consider the world’s two largest faiths arise, as the founder of Christianity died on the cross and called to love your enemies. Christianity became the world religion of the Roman Empire through voluntary conversions. The leader of Islam, by contrast, served not only as a religious leader but also as a political leader and warlord. When Islam became stronger, the more aggressive it became towards other beliefs.

Islam’s early history is the history of the power of religion. It spread through invasions and the conquered territories established an Islamic state. The caliphate based upon sharia law is still the ideal of Islam.

The Grand Mosque project will challenge the Western idea of ​​freedom of religion. The Grand Mosque for Muslims, however, represents something different than, say, the cathedral for Christians. It is the Islamic conquest of the political center, something of which a large part of Western Muslims resist. In Europe, a Grand Mosque’s access to radicalization and terrorism is undeniable. They are Islamic practices, which would further complicate the integration of Muslims in a democratic society, will not be supportive of society.

Finally, I would like to ask councilman Zahra Abdullah: Do you support in the Islamic world the principle of religious freedom here in the West, that a Muslim may choose to convert to Christianity without fear?

Mika Ebeling , President of the party group

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