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Hillary is a lying SOB….

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Only a Clinton can get away with calling the mother of a patriot killed in the line of duty, a liar, and not get raked over the coals for it by the media. Just remember the woman who was like Captain Ahab chasing after Moby Dick, Cindy Sheehan, during the course of Bush.Jr’s presidency, the media just loved her.

Benghazi Victim’s Mother: ‘Special Place In Hell’ For People Like Hillary, “I Hope She Enjoys It There’

benghazi victim hillary is a liar

Patricia Smith, whose son Sean was killed in the 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, responded to Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement about her being “absolutely wrong” by saying there’s “a special place in hell” for people like Clinton “and I hope she enjoys it there” on Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.”

Smith said, “She lied to me. She told me it was a fault of the video. … And she knew full well it wasn’t at that time. And then she says, she was going to check, and if it’s any different, she would call me back. She would let me know. She has never once spoken to me, or her office. The only thing I ever got out of them is that I am not a member of the immediate family, and I don’t need to know.”

She later added, “I want Hillary to talk to me personally, and tell me why there was no security there, when they were asked for it. I know this, because I spoke to my son. That day, he says he was really scared, because he saw the 17 people — 17 November, whatever it was, that they were walking around taking pictures. And he was afraid. He says it didn’t look very good. And he was afraid. And that he asked for security, and he was turned down.”

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  1. Hillary makes Richard Nixon look like a choir Boy.
    America you can do so much better,go Trump!

    1. Trump is disgusting, and un-American. As is anyone who would vote for him.

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