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More and more people are beginning to see the logic in this.


Editor of Österreich: Ban Islam!

We posted last Saturday about the editor of an Austrian daily paper who caused a ruckus by saying that it must be possible to discuss the banning of Islam from Europe. Below are two more articles on the topic, both translated by JLH.

First, a brief summary from Politically Incorrect:

Editor of Österreich: Ban Islam!


Wolfgang Fellner, the Viennese editor of the daily paper Österreich (Austria), has penned a very readable commentary on the terrorism in Brussels. He suggests taking three lessons from the “Super-GAU for our security”. Fellner: …The third point in the battle against terrorism is the most problematic: The discussion must be allowed of whether Islam per se should be banned in Europe. With all due respect for the freedom of religion and the many peaceful, sympathetic adherents of Islam here in Austria. The lines between peaceful Islam and terrorism in the name of Islam are becoming increasingly more blurred. In our municipal kindergartens. In many mosques. Terror is encouraged, preached and prepared there. This cannot go on.

More here.

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  1. The politically correct religion requires YOU commit suicide.

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