Sweden Vigilantism


Taking matters into their own hands…..

This will become more and more frequent as individuals unpersuaded that their government has their back perform their own version of street art. Oh, and by the way, I condemn any such acts of violence as criminal, as much as I condemn the criminal acts of these governments who are destroying their own civil societies.

Future asylum shelter burns in suspected arson attack

Future asylum shelter burns in suspected arson attack

File photo: Emil Langvad/TT

Published: 25 Mar 2016 14:12 GMT+01:00

The building’s intruder alarm was activated just before the fire started -leaving police to treat the incident as arson, reports broadcaster SVT.

“The police have opened a report on severe damage [to the property] and have filed the incident as an act of arson,” Mikael Eriksson, chief officer with Sörmland Police, told SVT.

The fire, which broke out at 2.45am on Friday, was extinguished by firefighters but the building was left ‘severely damaged’.

Eriksson said that he expected examination of the scene to be conducted during the course of Friday.

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