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Trump’s political MO should worry every conservative, because instead of debating the serious issues of the day, he uses social media for controversy in order to keep the eyes and ears of the public (those tuned in) diverted. It’s become a spectacle/freak show, with the general public even more in the dark about our philosophical differences with the idealogues of the Left than ever before. Trump’s fine with that, because he really doesn’t owe any allegiance to the guiding philosophies that created the country.

We have a chance during this primary election process to not only speak to the members of the Republican Party, and to Reagan Democrats, but also to the larger audience of the public which is more tuned in during these periods than in off election cycle years. This moment is being wasted, incredibly so, with tweet wars and mud slinging dominating the airwaves, when key core American values should be central to everyone of those candidates’ messaging.

We wonder why socialism is such a big hit with the American youth these days, and in part, now, we are seeing why it’s so. It doesn’t suffice that only one candidate talks about individual liberty, limited government (dispersion of centralized concentrated power) of property rights, the rule of law, the constitution etc., they all should be hammering home these principles to all the people. It’s simply not enough that Ted Cruz is the only one (especially now) doing that.

If the trajectory continues, we very well could end up with a miscreant like Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, ensuring Obama’s legacy of fundamental transformation of these United States of America.

NOTE has a 70% negative among the average Democrat, which means epic fail in general elections. The Left would very much like for you not to know this.

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