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This is the pattern everywhere in the West, and wherever Islam has placed its tent stakes.

Progressive figures in Scotland’s Muslim community are concerned that what they called the Old Guard – the conservatives who are desperately fighting to control the mosque – are failing to stamp down on ultra-orthodox or extremist views.

Lawyer and activist Aamer Anwar said it was “rank hypocrisy” for an imam to praise the killing of man promoting religious tolerance.

Imam at Scotland’s biggest mosque praises Islamist assassin

Spirital eader of Scotland's biggest mosque praises Islamist assassin as concerns of radicalism rise

Spiritual leader of Scotland’s biggest mosque praises Islamist assassin as concerns of radicalism rise

The spiritual leader of Scotland’s biggest mosque has praised an Islamist assassin amid fresh concerns about the threat of radicalism at the Muslim centre of worship.

Habib ur Rehman, the imam of Glasgow Central Mosque, said extremist Mumtaz Qadri was a “true Muslim” and equated his actions with the French resistance against the Nazis during World War Two.

He made his remarks last month as he protested the execution of Qadri for the 2011 murder of Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab who had championed the rights of Christians being persecuted under blasphemy laws.

Mr Rehman’s views, expressed to a small group on messaging service Whatsapp – have sent a chill through Scotland’s Islamic community as news of them spread among his congregation.

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