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Question not asked: What in the world are they doing here in Finland in the first place?

They’re not indigenous Roma, meaning, those who have been living here in the Nordic region for generations, these are people who migrated here to raise cash on the streets of Helsinki through pestering people. How can it be that moving to a state with one of Europe’s highest cost of living is such a great magnet for these people?

NOTE: ALso, why don’t they focus their ire on the local Roma community, why aren’t they at the forefront in helping their fellow Roma?   Crickets chirping.

Feminist group lashes Helsinki over treatment of Roma

The Feminist Association Unioni says it has been housing some of the most vulnerable eastern European Roma women in its own facilities during recent cold nights because city officials are turning them away from official shelters.

Helsingin rautatieasema
A Roma woman selling copies of “The Big Issue” magazine outside Helsinki Railway Station. Image: Ronnie Holmberg/Yle

One of Finland’s oldest women’s groups has sharply criticised the city of Helsinki for its homeless shelter policies. On Monday the Feminist Association Unioni said it has been housing some of the most vulnerable eastern European Roma women in its own facilities since a cold snap began on Friday. The NGO says that the 22 women would have other had no choice than to sleep outdoors or flee the country.

During the previous cold spell in January, Roma – mostly from EU member states Bulgaria and Romania – were offered emergency shelter in churches and various NGOs’ facilities.

Frostbite symptoms

The feminist group accused city officials of claiming to allow anyone into emergency housing while actually banning Roma and other undocumented foreigners, or only if they agree to then leave the country. The group argues that repatriation will not resolve the problem of the Roma, whom they refer to in Monday’s statement as “Europe’s most marginalised minority”.

Unioni says that a clinic for undocumented foreigners has treated a number of people with frostbite symptoms this winter.

It notes that complaints against the city’s allegedly unconstitutional policies have been filed with the Parliamentary Ombudsman, and that the city is to respond to the claims by the end of April.

The politically non-aligned Feminist Association Unioni was founded in 1892, well before Finnish independence.


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  1. Toronto had a sudden influx of Roma around 7-10 years ago when they suddenly keyed in on Canada as being a soft touch when it came to granting refugee status. All of a sudden there was a spate of scams in the GTA involving people described as Romanian, Bulgarian, and Hungarian (but were always Roma) and certain high-rise buildings in the west end of the city became unlivable. The Conservatives eventually put a stop to it, but I don’t know if we ever got rid of the ones who scammed their way in.

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