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After much thought and deliberation, I believe that I have found a comparison -though not perfect, but applicable nonetheless- that can be used in debunking antisemitic memes that hold worldwide Jewry responsible for the current muslim invasion of the West, due to their supposed universal multiculturalism advocacy.

First and foremost, these failed multicultural policies which have unleashed one cataclysmic problem after another upon our Western societies, are a product of Leftist ideology, which crosses all ethnic lines, belief systems and race. It’s not just ”the Jews” who advocate multiculturalism, but also the overwhelming majority of everyone else who clings to the failed ideology of socialist statism.

Taking all this into consideration, I believe that there can be a comparison made between the Swedish speaking minority in Finland, and Jewish organizations and communities scattered throughout Europe and elsewhere in the West.

Swedish speaking Finns, like the Jews of Europe, are a minority, they comprise a mere +250 000 strong demographic within the 5.4 million Finnish population. Though minus a similar history of persecution and mass genocide as the Jews, they are however, as protective as the Jews are in maintaining their cultural identity, and linguistic heritage.

They too are closely identified as being wholehearted supporters of multiculturalism in Finland, and while there may be a few exceptions, most adhere to the tenets of the ideology. Swedish speaking Finns are also highly over represented in the areas of business ownership, banking, the arts and in politics, etc. etc..

The Swedes of Finland have embraced the (failed) ideologically based policies of multiculturalism as a means to somehow secure their future as a linguistically distinct people. Even more so for the Jews for all the obvious reasons, centuries of persecution has conditioned them to seek buffers from hostile forces in their societies any which way they can.

The irrational hatred behind antisemitism will of course keep most Jew haters from mulling any of this over, because it challenges their hatred. This post is not for them. The troubles we have been facing over the past couple of decades however, have all been self-inflicted, by politicians on the Left (statists) and those considered to be on the Right (neo-Statists) who insist on micromanaging society.

It is traditional Leftist ideology to blame, not ethnicities nor race, without which we wouldn’t have to be dealing with “group rights” or “identity driven politics”, all a necessary framework upon which multiculturalism is fitted. We would not have to deal with “political correctness” as well, which acts as a watchdog to keep the populace intimidated and in check. Without big government statism (the welfare state), a throwback to pre-enlightenment days, we would not be having to deal with multiculturalism. At all, period.

The irony here, is that these very same voices who tie today’s problems solely to the Jews, are in fact the very same voices who embrace the very same ideology and system that bequeathed to them what they say they loathe….. multiculturalism.

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Leftist statism.

Leftism (socialism of all stripes) is a destructive ideology, it’s in fact reactionary, meaning, reactionary to the birth of upstart free market capitalism of the mid 1800’s, which allowed people of little or no means to rise according to their skills, and challenge the status quo. Far from being ”progressive”, Leftist statism is in fact regressive, because it rejects the Enlightenment, therefore, it rejects the civil society. Since Leftist statism rejects the Enlightenment, it therefore rejects the individual and his/her sovereignty, it’s emphasis is the ”masses”, collectivism, it swallows people whole and continually seeks to re-engineer society into an image that it can’t even define.

So my advice to all the Jew haters out there, as to well as others who are as disgusted with multiculturalism as I am,  your first step along the road to recovery, is to reject the over 150 year disastrous reactionary ideology of socialist statism (big government), and embrace individual sovereignty embodied in the enlightenment. Start from there, and sooner than later you’ll stop looking for the Jew behind every rock and tree.

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