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The case should have never gone to court.

So what if the woman was offended? I’m offended by a whole host of things said to me, even had someone shout at me here in Finland, “death to capitalists”, I was the one however who had a charge filed against me…..for taking video of the people throwing inciteful vitriol against me.

Muslim witness agrees to lift veil in Munich court

A scene from the Munich court room. Photo: DPA

Published: 17 Mar 2016 18:06 GMT+01:00

The trial concerned an insult the Muslim woman claimed was shouted at her in Munich’s central train station.

According to the woman, the defendant shouted “you people are arseholes,” before adding “you don’t belong here.”

The case was initially heard in November, and the defendant was found not guilty.

The 59-year-old defendant claimed the woman had commented that “Germans are so intolerant” to which he asked why she was still in Germany, if she didn’t like it.

At the time the judge asked the woman – who was born in Germany – if he could see her face, saying he would like to see how she reacted to the proceedings.

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