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Fire your campaign manager Donald, Cruz fired his over a simple tweet via an actual CNN report.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Breitbart (which I appreciate when it’s actually doing great reporting (but not when it’s doing unofficial shilling for Trump) handles this, they’re all in for Donald, so how not to damage his brand while sticking up (reluctantly) for their journalist.

NOTE: With Donald digging in, just think how the Left will use this if he’s nominated, he refuses to even consider a woman, abused by one of his staff, campaign manager no less, to be telling the truth, even with multiple witnesses. Breitbart’s chief staff are damaging Andrew’s legacy.

More here at The Blaze

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  1. If you are going to be stupid you got to be tough.

    If she hadn’t been a loudmouthed liberal jamming her UNWANTED opinion down everyone elses’ throat, nothing would have happened,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If thats not just makeup.

    Of course, when SHE kicks a dog, and it bites, normally the dog is destroyed.

    People like that make me sick.. Get a life you stupid tart..

    1. She works for the conservative new website Breitbart, whose one spokesman has resigned in disgust of the matter, how it’s being handled by the mismanaged team at BB, as well as their roving-editor-at-large Ben Shapiro saying Trump should fire his campaign manager over it. Violence coming from a top ranking political official in a campaign….is unprecedented and dangerous, that Team Trump is uniting behind this jackass (the woman still has bruises from his fingerprints on her arm) is disgusting.

  2. Hmm. Dad’s in a feisty mood today, methinks.

    It’s clear that the establishment don’t want ‘the Donald’, but a bit of slack is excusable as far as I am concerned.

    I no longer hold to the view that women are some precious commodity that require handling with kid gloves and walking on egg shells so as not to offend them.

    If they want equality and despise anyone who opens a door for them , let them have it and be judged on their behavior alone.

    On an aside, nothing better demonstrates the disconnection between the Republican Party “elite” (sic) and the grass roots, better than the effort to get rid of Trump no matter what it costs.

    They have failed to read the mood of voters because they have failed to put any effort into understanding what they want.

    Apart from the welfare bludgers, ignorant students, academics, and fifth column reporters, many many Americans are as mad as hell and are not going to put up with lazy beltway politicians any more.

    So if Ted doesn’t have a resurgence, I would go for the Donald.

    Nothing could be worse than the past ten years of mediocrity and soaring debt.

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