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This is something that is imported from Sweden, and needs to be rejected without a moment’s delay.

Finns Party: Fuss rises at refugee evening – Finnish flag was too much for the Director of the Järvenpää Hall

Järvenpää on Tuesday, 15.3. a public event, which under the leadership of experts discussed the current situation of refugees coming to Finland. Event is organized by the local cultural association Silmi Association, which in the past has held a variety of topical issues in joined public events.

The flag was banned, a panelist canceled their participation

The first surprising turning point came when the (local culture center) Järvenpää-house director Jari Salminen forbade the introduction of the Finnish flag ceremony, because in his opinion it is “provocative” in this situation. The flag has been on display in the house other public events.

City of Järvenpää Director of Education Jari Lausvaara , in turn, believes that an open discussion session may create confrontation rather than open dialogue. Due to these concerns City of Järvenpää immigration specialist Arja Loima withdrew her participation to evening panel of experts.

Fear of the Finns Party?

The city justified the withdrawal over the fact that the evening event is hosted by the City of Lahti Vice Chairman of the Board 2. Lasse Koskinen (ps.), Which has on several occasions criticized the uncontrolled migration and the costs caused by it.

According to the culture society Silmu, this is the first time at an event that such a fuss has occurred.Events have been organized in different parts of Finland.

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