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There are other ways to oppose the importation of fake refugees (which is costing the taxpayer and amazing amount of money), like organizing legal protests, making your case with the people, politicians etc.. Taking matters into your own hands however, like this serves no one, in fact, it works to the opposite effect.

I understand the angst, the anger and the mistrust of public officials, but you have to make the case, we live in a (somewhat) democracy where matters can be handled through proper channels. If you want to make a statement which does not infringe upon the rights of others, doing something in which you alone bear the full responsibility, and penalty, then go ahead, it’s your right to do so, it’s called civil disobedience.

Courts move on incidents outside reception centres

Three young men were fined for defacing a building in Kitee housing foreign students and asylum seekers, while another faces charges for brandishing a gun outside an asylum seekers’ reception centre in Helsinki.

Helsingin käräjäoikeuden sisäänkäynti.
A man accused of gun offences outside a reception centre will be tried at Helsinki District Court.Image: Milla Vahtila / Yle

Three young men were fined on Thursday for harassing immigrant students in Kitee, on Finland’s eastern border with Russia.

Last September the men drew swastikas on the walls of a student dorm, urinated on its door and threw an object through a window. The same facility was also housing asylum seekers at the time. The perpetrators were all local residents aged 18 to 21. Their income-based fines range from 270 to 660 euros.

North Karelia District Court found the men guilty of trespassing and vandalism. One was only deemed an accomplice, as he had driven the others to the dormitory at the Evangelical Folk High School of Kitee.

The institution offers multicultural and citizenship studies and hosts weekly multicultural events aimed at helping “people from other cultures meet with local people,” according to its website.

Charges in Helsinki gun incident

In Helsinki on Wednesday a raft of charges were filed against a 27-year-old man who brandished a handgun outside an asylum seekers centre in Pitäjänmäki last November. A machine pistol was also found in his car. He was charged with assault, making threats, aggravated weapons offences, and the use of a controlled substance. The suspect was detained at the scene but released about three weeks later.

The tabloid Iltalehti quotes prosecutor Perttu Könönen as saying that the incident was preceded by a dispute at a local restaurant involving a resident of the reception centre.

The prosecutor is seeking a suspended sentence of a year and a half. No date has yet been set for the man’s trial at Helsinki District Court.

Last week the Finnish Migration Service (Migri) announced that it plans to close the privately-run Pitäjänmäki centre, which houses some 450 asylum seekers. Migri must inform private operators of such closures six months in advance, so it will not shut before August.

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