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We are NOT making this stuff up, it’s so bad that the police are forced to go public with this information as a matter of civil security.

Then they wonder why civilian groups are forming to fill the void left by police, to help confront the ever growing threat. This is a direct result of multicultural policies that have been left to ferment for the past two or three of decades.

The three police officers who attended the press conference says that they have never experienced anything similar in Östersund.

Police warn women in Ostersund not to go out alone

swedish police on rape 8.3.2016
Police warn women in Ostersund to go out alone

Now the police warn women from traveling alone in town. – We have seen a worrying trend, says Stephen Jerand, police area manager.

Since February 20, six reports of violence against women reported in Östersund. All have been about unprovoked violence against women outdoors. In all cases, it has been unknown perpetrators.

As we said on the weekend a woman was subjected to an attempted rape in central Östersund on Saturday night. On that night was also another female victim of abuse. But in addition to it, thus further, four cases were submitted to the police.

– This is serious. We care about the protection of women and that is why we go out and talk about this, says Stephen Jerand.

More here. H/T: Jussi Halla-aho

UPDATE: There’s always a backlash after truth tellers inform the public:

Backlash after Swedish women told not to walk alone

Backlash after Swedish women told not to walk alone

Östersund in northern Sweden. Photo: Wikicommons

Published: 08 Mar 2016 08:26 GMT+01:00

Officers in Östersund held a press conference on Monday, explaining that there had been at least six reports of violence against women in the area since February 20th.

“Now the police are going out and warning women against travelling alone in the city. We have seen a worrying trend,” regional police chief Stephen Jerand told Swedish media.

“This is serious, we care about the protection of women and that is why we are going out and talking about this.”

He explained that the recent reported crimes included an attempted rape in the centre of Östersund over the weekend. Police later added that they were also investigating the alleged molestation of a 10-year-old girl at a bus station.

However the force’s recommendation that women should avoid being alone at night swiftly prompted criticism in Sweden, a nation that prides itself on promoting gender equality.

“The solution can never be to not go out because of such a warning. We have very many women who work in home and social care at night for example. What are they supposed to do?” the city’s mayor Ann-Sofie Andersson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

The politician, who represents the government’s Social Democrat party at a regional level, said she wished police had told her about their intentions before issuing the warning.

Meanwhile Johan Hedin, legal affairs spokesman for one of Sweden’s opposition groups, the Centre Party, argued that the move could end up scaring women.

“It’s wrong if it calls on women to adapt to the criminals. It risks leading people the wrong way, if the victims must adapt to the perpetrators,” he said.

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  1. A pool in Germany is segregating the sexes because of sexual abuse by muslim immigrants. Now, Sweden is telling women not to leave her home without a male guardian. Why doesn’t Europe just implement sharia law already? That’s what they are doing bit by bit anyway.

  2. I await news of a woman punching the lights out on one of these savages. Women Marines did so in Desert Shield/Storm quite effectively. It rendered the women safe and left the h e l l alone by muslim males.

  3. What are they supposed to do?” the city’s mayor Ann-Sofie Andersson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

    How about send them all back? I bet that would work.

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