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Great, not knowing who they are, they want more Finns mingling with them regardless many have been found with military and police training.

Oh, and there is plenty of young people who are completely unable to get summer work, but they don’t matter now do they? These fake refugees are deemed more righteous and deserving than those children whose parents pay taxes here.

asylum seeker with head on finnish tv

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen concerned about the closure of the borders

Archbishop Mäkinen believes that asylum seekers in need of legal routes to Europe. Archbishop Kari Mäkinen is also concerned about the fact that the conditions for family reunification are being tightened.

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen
Archbishop Kari Mäkinen Photo: Petra Ristola / Yle

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen is concerned that closing borders and asylum seekers’ access to Europe trying to prevent.


Archbishop is also concerned that the conditions for family reunification are being further tightened.

– It is humanly necessary that family ties may remain. It is also of paramount importance to integration thing.

Archbishop urges congregations to recruit asylum seekers FOR summer jobs

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen invited last autumn, churches throughout Finland to help asylum seekers in need.

– It’s been a great way to see how many churches have gone into this. For example, the churches have developed contacts and helped integration.

The archbishop hopes that the churches in different parts of Finland consider whether giving to providing asylum-seekers jobs for the summer.


5 Responses

  1. What’s the matter with the priests and bishops? Don’t they know anything about the Quaran and Islam?

    1. Let the bishops hire them, then. Lets see how that works for them. Liberals make me sick. There is never more damage done than by a liberal trying to do the right thing. God is not with that church.

    2. PC politics has subverted the church just as much as the soviets did during their reign of terror

  2. Question for the Finns: Do you ever hear any of this crap coming from the minority Orthodox church? One of the things that’s confused me for the last little while is how so many people in the former communist countries, like the Visegrad 4 and Russia, seem to be have a much greater resistance to the the demon known as multiculturalism, compared to peoples in the much more free nations who were never under the direct yoke of communism. It makes me wonder whether the Finnish Orthodox Church’s more historically eastern orientation has inoculated them more to modern leftism.

    1. Lynx, excellent observation. I know of no such utterings from any of their clerics. great point

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