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 Apparently (from what I can ascertain,) he is a Jewish writer promoting a book about his father who suffered cruelties during the Stalin years. The Google translation is crude, but you can get the gist of what he was saying:

 Seraphim Finkel, from the book “Anecdotes of my life”

And about their Stalin, Joseph Vissarionovich, I am pleased to say all the words of my father. “The normal reaction of a healthy group of children.” This is about the killer flowers. It’s about everything in those days, and in those.

Facebook encourages scum

“We have removed your publicated text because it does not conform to Facebook community guidelines.”

The message I got from the whorish Facebook administration. The UPDATE . A few hours after the removal by Facebook without explanation they restored the deleted posts. Thank you all for your support. I am very grateful to all those who reprinted the text. I am glad that among the hundreds of decent people who made ​​it, found only one bastard who wrote a nasty comment. I am not discouraged, that Facebook administration willingly goes on about the scum…

More here in Russian
UPDATE: A TT colleague fluent in Russian read the above article, it is indeed the son of the man who was persecuted by Stalin in Soviet Russia.
“It’s about the campaign of arrests of Communist Party members. He tried to post it on Facebook, but they removed this post He claims it’s actually by their action they support the Soviets bastards and regime.
…The author writes about the arrest of his father and his family during this period. They were Jews, his father was a party member with high rank. They were chased by the KGB. He writes about the wave of arrests and friends of his father, who also suffered from that. He writes on conditions of life that were very low, the suffering and the feeling of personal security under the Soviet regime.”

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