Finland Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Interesting, Dawid Bunikowski in his article links to the TT and accompanies it with a peculiar and equally specious qualifier:

When news of the attack first came to light, it was published by a far-right website, and many in Finland claimed it was a false report. However, authorities soon confirmed that the rape occurred, and uproar ensued.

NOTE: For Mr.Bunikowski’s information, I am not ”Right-Wing” nor am I “Far-Right-Wing”, I’m a conservative, who bases his philosophy upon the enlightenment (classical liberalism). So you can just call me : ”So far, right.”

UPDATE: The author of the article, Dawid Bunikowski, responded to my inquiry, he said ”some of his friends thought I was so”, and expresses his apologies. He promises to have it rectified. Proof the people tend to throw around the smear word of right-wing, far-right-wing with the drop of a hat.

david bunikowski

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