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This is as Kafkaesque as you can get…… 

Lars Hedegaard EU parliament

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Lars tells me that in the course of his court arguments, the public prosecutor himself mentioned Basil Hassan by name. No word yet on whether he has arrested himself.

The Post-Constitutional Election, Pt. 9: Muslim Bans and Gag Orders

Written by: Diana West
Friday, March 04, 2016 5:26 AM

“Lars Hedegaard vs Basil Mouse” by Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen

Pt. 8 is here.

One of the critically important issues ignored by the Fox panel in last night’s debate was Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the United States.

Naturally, then, inquiring Fox minds also ignored the globe-shifting migration of hundreds of thousands of mainly Muslim men into Europe in the last year alone. Thus, there were no questions about how the candidates might seek to protect the USA from the effects of mass Islamic immigration, such as the largely Islamic epidemic of violence and sexual assaults against women and children that these `rapefugees’ have brought to cities and towns across Europe. Several possible reasons for such a “lapse” on the part of such intrepid journalists include: 1) only Donald Trump has offered the solution to such a crisis; 2) his solution is wildly popular with voters; 3) the outcome of the civil case against Trump University is so much more important to the future of this country.

Exit polling tells us that Trump’s proposed Muslim immigration ban, which is the only way for the USA to avoid Europe’s Islamizing tragedy, is an animating issue for GOP voters. I have little doubt this is why Fox imposed a kind of gag order on itself and avoided the question. Exit polling tells us that in New Hampshire, two out of three GOP voters support such a ban; in South Carolina, three out of four GOP; and across Super Tuesday’s 15 states, 60 percent of GOP voters also support the Muslim immigration ban.

This one proposal would do more to safeguard the First Amendment of the Constitution than anything any other candidate is proposing. This is due to Islamic prohibitions on freedom of religion and freedom of speech both. The simple formula is: the more Islam there is in a society, the less freedom there is in a society.

Having chronicled far too many chapters of the West’s surrender of freedom to accomodate and then submit to Islam’s increasing presence in the West (think Danish Mohammed cartoons, for example), I think it is fair to say that in this smoking aftermath of Islamic cultural conquest are sure signs of institutional madness. Nowhere is there stronger proof than in the continuing saga of Denmark’s Lars Hedegaard.

Today, the Danish court convicted Lars Hedegaard of violating a gag order by mentioning the name of Basil Hassan, the man widely reported in the media around the world and strongly suspected by the Danish security services and government of having tried to assassinate Lars three years ago.

More here. H/T: Andrew Bostom

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