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  1. Let’s celebrate the breakdown of the EU on 1st of April with a outside grill party.We’ll start the fire by burning Korans in public ………..There seems to be no law in Finland against it.Anyone know a nice place for the party?

    1. The law will try to interject itself in the fun with defamation of religion. There is no real freedom of speech in Finland.

  2. since ALL the politicians want the invasion, except Trump how could you vote for ANYONE incapable of naming our enemy?

  3. Lars Hedegaard provides a beautiful exposition of the state of Europe today.

    But even he cannot fathom the reason why the politicians have sat on their hands and allowed this situation to develop.

    The unfolding scenario he describes is quite tragic.

    Europe is being betrayed by feckless politicians; the big question left hanging by Lars Hedegaard is WHY?

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