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They’re foaming at the mouth…….literally

NOTE: Yet these same Swedish journos swoon for Hamas, Fatah and Hezbollah media fixers and ”on the street” propagandists.

Swedish journalists warn Australian colleagues on Avpixlat and Sjunnesson

ch 9

MEDIA Swedish establishment journalists horrified by the Australian Channel 9 who went to Rinkeby with Avpixlat’s employees in January, Sjunnesson who was approached via a recognized British journalist. They tweeted and emailed yesterday Tuesday when news leaked via Avpixlat to Australia , England , the United States and across the world.

Of course, they were not professional journalists on Australia’s most famous programs in the hands of Avpixlat which the Swedish journalists seem to think.

Channel Nine has denied partnering with a notorious Swedish anti-immigration activist  (Jan Sjunnesson) during an ill-fated trip outside Stockholm in which a 60 Minutes crew was allegedly attacked by ‘masked men’.

Sidney Morning Herald, 1 mars

The English-language news site The Local in Stockholm also tried to discredit the team to the interviewed Sjunnesson and gone to Rinkeby together but did not get much from Channel 9 spokesperson

We categorically deny any suggestion we were in cahoots with this organization, we merely interviewed them in an effort to get all sides of the story,” said a spokesman, but admitted that the site had used the 60 Minutes team to push its anti-immigration message.

The Local, 2 mars

But the political korrekte journalist Peter Vincent in Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald does not give up but has put together a video about Jan Sjunnesson and Avpixlat. In the Sjunnesson argued that denying the Holocaust (an outright lie, of course), and he believes that Muslims account for intellectual stagnation (which was said by the Arab poet Adonis ).

The debate on the Swedish mass immigration and the media coverage is likely to continue but with the events in Rinkeby was filmed and will be spread over the world’s no turning back than pulling out the truth.

January Sjunnesson

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  1. 60 minutes has a very large viewing audience on Sunday evenings throughout Australian television land. It rates very highly.

    The program covering this incident in Stockholm will be watched by millions of Aussies.

    1. Raymond, let us know how badly they edit it and if they diss the Swedish Avpixlat website owners.

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