The threat of terrorism and islamization are just a few issues they’re forced to swallow.


If a referendum was taken, on whether or not to take in an umpteenth number of fake refugees, and then spend millions in housing, clothing and feeding them, then spend millions more in sending them back home while keeping others on the taxpayer’s dole, the overwhelming majority of Norwegians would tell them to stuff it.

Memo: Norway ‘not mentally prepared’ for refugees’ impact

Memo: Norway 'not mentally prepared' for refugees' impact

Asylum seekers in Stavanger. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

Published: 01 Mar 2016 10:03 GMT+01:00

An internal memo from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns that the Storskog border crossing is likely to see another wave of arriving refugees within months.

Norway’s Storskog border crossing has been relatively quiet since the Nordic nation announced that it would begin immediately rejecting asylum seekers who had been legally residing in Russia. But the slowdown may just be the calm before the storm, according to an internal memo from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The memo, which was obtained by VG, warns that a “a perfect political storm” is likely to hit Europe within the next six months, bringing with it increased activity at Norway’s Arctic border.

“The dynamics of the continent and the closure of the Balkan routes can quickly result in increased pressure on Storskog or Finland and the Baltics in the coming months,” the confidential memo said.

It goes on to warn that Norwegians may not be fully prepared for the consequences of further breakdowns in European cooperation.

“The Norwegian psyche is likely not mentally prepared for the full gravity of the migration crisis. That also applies to its costs and impacts on other budget and policy areas. It may be difficult to avoid higher unemployment and increased social welfare costs in 2017,” the memo stated.

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