Finnish Immigration Concerns


Not one example of exactly what bigotry and racism is in question.

Of course they do not admit to adding to public anxiety with the allowing of thousands of muslim migrants to wander through the countryside, no mention of violent rapes and sexual assaults and other crimes. It’s like someone getting hit in the face and then responds in kind, only to be arrested by the police for fighting and then blamed for starting it.

NOTE: People do not like being taken for saps, having their society turned upside down by temporary politicians whose names will be soon forgotten. The people who started the problems are the ones chiefly to blame for what comes after it.


Barefaced bigotry

Creutz says there are many reasons why racists are growing bolder in Finland. The rise of the Finns Party seems to have given many people license to be more blatant bigots, for one. The once-marginal racist conversation that began on social media is now trickling out into the streets and becoming more commonplace. She says the roots of racism can be traced back to the history of Europe.

“Racist notions are very old. They live in our social and historic memory and are activated according to the situation. The same phenomenon is occurring in every corner of Europe.” she says.

But what is the solution? How can we end the harassment? Helsinki Police’s Taponen says everyone should intervene when they encounter hate speech and racist behaviour. He says street patrols only add to the feelings of insecurity and are not welcome. “During difficult times, people shouldn’t take out their own anxieties on other people.”

Sociologist Creutz wishes Finland’s leadership would denounce racism more decisively. “How is it possible that a country like Finland, with a high level of education, is speaking in this extremely racist manner? It is accepted somehow, which is very worrying.”


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  1. So the police would like to see more people acting against racism ,well isn’t that exactly what’s happening….People are pointing out the racism of the Moslims…….

    1. Indeed Ronni, but their racism is shrouded in multiculturalism, and it would be supposedly racist of us to ask them to stop it.

      1. would that mean people have to accept nazisme too?because of the invention of mc?

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